Log File & Troubleshooting Help

Log File & Troubleshooting Help


In general, the log file can be found in the current user's home directory.

Log file location


  1. C:\Users\{user.name}\.kadeck_log


  1. /Users/{user.name}/.kadeck_log


  1. /home/{user.name}/.kadeck_log

Could not start Kadeck backend process

Here are some steps to help you resolve the problem "Could not start Xeotek Kadeck backend process".
Sometimes, restarting your machine can resolve issues unexpectedly. If you encounter problems, try rebooting your computer—it might just do the trick. Seriously.

Port collision

The backend process uses port 8143. Make sure that no other application is using this port. Here's how to find the port for the different operating systems:

1. Open Command Prompt.
2. Enter netstat -aon | findstr :8143
3. Identify the PID using the port.
4. Open Task Manager, go to "Details" tab to find the application by PID.

1. Open Terminal.
2. Enter sudo lsof -i :8143
3. Check the output for the application using the port.

1. Open Terminal.
2. Enter sudo netstat -tulpn | grep :8143
3. Review the output to identify the application.

Corrupted Zip File

Even if the splash screen and loading scripts appear to run, it's possible that an error occurred during the download, resulting in a corrupted zip file. Please download Kadeck again from our website.

Missing Logs

If you cannot find a .kadeck_log file, it suggests that the backend process crashed before it could write to the log. This may also indicate a corrupted zip file. Please start Kadeck via the terminal or console and forward the output to our support team for assistance.

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