Password Policy

Password Policy

To make it easier for administrators to enforce strong password practices, Kadeck Teams Enterprise allows you to set up a password policy. This feature is part of our commitment to providing robust security options for our users.

What is a Password Policy?

A password policy is a set of rules designed to enhance security by encouraging users to employ strong passwords and use them properly. The password policy feature in Kadeck allows administrators to define these rules, either by creating a custom policy using regular expressions, or by choosing from a list of available predefined policies.

How to Setup a Password Policy

Setting up a password policy in Kadeck is simple:

  1. Navigate to the administration panel in Kadeck Teams.
  2. Look for a new menu entry labelled "Password Policy".
  3. Inside the Password Policy screen, you can choose to define your password policy using regular expressions or select from a list of available policies.

How the Password Policy Works

The password policy you set is used in two scenarios:

  1. When a new user is created: The password generator uses the policy to automatically create secure passwords for new users. If a manual password is entered, it is also checked against the policy.
  2. When a user updates their password on the profile page: the new password must meet the requirements of the password policy.

Please note that the password policy feature applies to all users.

LDAP & Password Policy

The password policy is ignored if LDAP is enabled as the authentication is handled by the directory service.

Your first login

Upon the first start of Kadeck, an initial user called "admin" is created with the password "admin". This initial password will very likely not meet your configured password policy. By default, the system allows "admin" as a password, but administrators are strongly encouraged to change this password as soon as possible for security reasons.

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