Introduction to Monitoring & Health

Introduction to Monitoring & Health

We are excited to introduce Kadeck's new Monitoring Module, which makes monitoring and troubleshooting Apache Kafka infrastructure easier than ever and raises the bar in the industry.

The new monitoring module includes four new pages, Monitoring Overview, Cluster Details, Topic Details, Consumer Details, and an industry first AI Health Assist.

The AI Health Assist monitors the Apache Kafka cluster 24/7 and detects emerging problems early on and in some cases can fix them fully automatically.

The interval at which data points are collected and other module-related settings can be found in a new Monitoring & Health section in the Settings.

How to get it

The new monitoring module is included in Kadeck Teams Enterprise and in Kadeck Desktop Professional. Some functions that require scanning data over a longer period of time are not available in Kadeck Desktop Professional due to the system.

AI Health Assist

Some features of AI Health Assistant are already included as public beta in Kadeck Teams Enterprise and Kadeck Desktop Professional. Many more features will follow soon. As a Kadeck Teams Enterprise customer, you can apply for the private beta of AI Health Assistant - just contact your personal Kadeck Customer Success representative.

Rights for Monitoring

The access to the new monitoring pages can be controlled through the new connection-wide MonitoringAccessAll right.

    "action": "MonitoringAccessAll",
    "effect": "Allow",
    "resource": "*"

Replace the wildcard (*) with the specific connection id if you want to limit access to Kadeck monitoring features to specific connections only. A role can have multiple MonitoringAccessAll rights.

In the current version of the monitoring module, the user’s specific resource rights (such as TopicAccess or consumer specific rights) are not enforced for metrics on the monitoring pages. However, the content of topics and other sensitive data is not displayed on monitoring pages. The rights enforcement for all other pages of Kadeck remains also unaffected. The permissions to execute operations on resources are still enforced (e.g. deleting consumer groups, topics, etc.) and controlled to the resource specific rights. For example, a user with the MonitoringAccessAll right can see only the names and metrics of all topics and consumer groups for the cluster covered by the right, but cannot view any topic messages or perform any operations.

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