Groups and users

Groups and users

What are users?

Users can be created by admins and assigned to groups. Roles can be assigned to users either through groups or by direct attachment.

Create users

To create users go to the Users page in the Organisation section of the Administration screen.
It is recommended to create roles and groups first before creating users. When creating multiple users, roles and groups can be selected that these users share with each other. This saves a lot of time.
Roles must otherwise be added later individually for each user. Multiple users can be assigned to a group by editing the group on the Group page.
You can always create users in Kadeck, but a user license is required for a user to log in. Users who are not covered by a user license cannot log in and are considered inactive. If new licenses are purchased or existing licenses are released, they are assigned to waiting, inactive users in the order of their creation date on a first-in-first-out basis. Licenses can be released by deleting users with licenses.

What are groups?

Groups are a collection of users and roles. The roles define the scope of functionality and data to which the users of the group have access to.

Group membership is displayed on the user profiles and helps making project or departmental affiliations transparent. Users do not necessarily have to be assigned to a group.

Users can be members of multiple groups simultaneously. Groups do not restrict each other, i.e. a group can only extend the user's scope of rights.

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