General upgrade information

General upgrade information

The process of upgrading a single, distributed, or clustered Kadeck Teams instance is straightforward. In many cases, you upgrade the software by installing the latest distribution over your existing installation.
The following requirements must be met for the upgrade, regardless of the type of deployment:
  1. You need an active Kadeck Teams Administrator account.
  2. You may need access to the Kadeck Teams database (see Upgrade Information of your version).
  3. You need access to the infrastructure environment in which Kadeck Teams is running:
    1. If Kadeck Teams is operated as a container, you need access to change environment variables and the container image.
    2. If Kadeck Teams is run directly as an installation on a VM (e.g. also EC2) or server instance, you need operating system rights for the respective server/VM instances.
Please backup your database!
In most cases an upgrade from Kadeck Teams is irreversible. The database should always be backed up before an upgrade so that the changes can be rolled back if an error occurs during the upgrade.

Images and version numbers

See our Docker Hub for Docker container images.

Version 4.2.9 - Mar 2023 - Hotfix (Performance Issue with Schema Registry)
Version 4.2.7 - Mar 2023 - Kadeck Teams release (Update to new docker image xeotek/kadeck !)
Version 4.2.6 - Mar 2023
Version 4.2.5 - Mar 2023
Version 4.2.4 - Feb 2023
Version 4.2.3 - Feb 2023
Version 4.2.2 - Feb 2023
Version 4.2.1 - Feb 2023
Version 4.2.0 - Feb 2023
Version 4.1.5 - Dec 2022
Version 4.1.4 - Dec 2022
Version 4.1.3 - Nov 2022
Version 4.1.2 - Nov 2022
Version 4.1.1 - Nov 2022
Version 4.1.0 - Nov 2022
Version 4.0.0 - Sept 2022
Version 3.2.3 - May 2022
Version 3.2.2 - Apr. 2022
Version 3.2.1 - Mar. 2022
Version - Feb. 2022 (security patch)
Version 3.2.0 - Feb. 2022
Version - Jan. 2022 (security patch)
Version - Dec. 2021 (security patch)
Version - Dec. 2021 (security patch)
Version 3.1.9 - Okt. 2021 (updated on Dec. 2021 with security patch)
Version 3.1.8 - Jul. 2021 
Version 3.1.7 - Jul. 2021 
Version 3.1.6 - Jun. 2021 
Version 3.1.5 - Apr. 2021 
Version 3.0.1 - Dec. 2020
Version 3.0.0 - Nov. 2020 
Version 2.2.1 - Aug. 2020
Version 2.2.0 - Aug. 2020
Version 2.1.0 - Jul. 2020

Standard update/upgrade procedure

Update the deployed images of your Kadeck Teams installation to the respective version number.
Please create an update of the database before.
Kadeck will detect the previous version of the database and automatically perform an update procedure.
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