General SASL/Keberos configuration

General SASL/Keberos configuration

This article describes how to configure a server connection with SASL and Kerberos correctly. 


Kadeck supports a variety of configurations when connecting to a server using SASL.

Supported security protocols



Supported SASL mechanisms



JAAS/SASL configuration

Kadeck supports one JAAS configuration for every cluster configuration.
  1. Select either SASL_PLAINTEXT or SASL_SSL from the security protocol drop-down menu on the cluster dialog.
  2. The SASL tab becomes active.
  3. Click on the SASL tab and enter the JAAS configuration in the "Jaas Config" input field.
The JAAS configuration should have the following format:
  1. <LoginModule> <flag> <LoginModule options>;

Example using ScramLoginModule:

  1. required username="user" password="password";

Kerberos (Krb5.conf) 

A JAAS configuration file, as in the following example, can be entered into the JAAS config input field as follows:

Original file / Krb5.conf (Kerberos)

KafkaClient { required
serviceName="kafka" };

JAAS config input field required doNotPrompt=true useTicketCache=true principal="kafka-user@MYCORP.NET" useKeyTab=true keyTab="/home/kafka-user/kafka-user.keytab" client=true serviceName="kafka";


Passing in a krb5.conf as startup parameter

The configuration via the SASL config input field is the preferred way and should normally be sufficient.

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