Flow View

Flow View

The Flow View in Kadeck displays the current Consumer and and Producer as well as their offset or lag depending on the data displayed in the Data Browser.
This makes it possible to filter data by specific characteristics and times and to see which of records are consumed by which consumers or generated by which producers.

To have a general overview of the consumer metrics, the Consumer View should be used instead.

Flow View

The Flow View is divided into three sections:


The Producers area displays the producers that have produced the records currently displayed in the Data Browser. The producer list is generated dynamically from the data records via a header field.
In order to identify the individual producers by name, you need to add a header field "producerid" to the Kafka Record that contains the producer's name as a UTF8 string. Otherwise, the producer will be shown as "Unknown".


The partition view shows all partitions of the topic, in which partitions data sets of the respective producer can actually be found (i.e. based on the data currently displayed in the Data Browser) and which consumer members consume from the respective partitions. Additionally, the lag and current offset of the partition are displayed based on the displayed data sets. 

Note: This is not the general offset of the respective partition in the topic, but the largest offset based on the displayed data.

Consumer groups

This area shows all consumer groups and individual consumer members.  Clicking on the name of the consumer group takes you to the detailed view of the consumer group in the consumer view.
Hover the mouse cursor over the individual members to check the current lag of the consumer compared to the highest offset of the displayed data. 

FAQ: How can I name producers? They are all shown as "Unknown".

In order to identify individual producers by name, you will need to add a "producerid" header field to the Kafka record that contains the name of the producer as a UTF8 string. Otherwise, the producer will show up as "Unknown".

Header Field

UTF-8 String, e.g. "my-producer-id"

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