Download and Startup

Download and Startup

Download the version of Kadeck Desktop from here. There are 3 supported operating systems.


After downloading the file, extract its contents and click on the Kadeck executable.


After downloading the file, extract its contents and click on the Kadeck executable.


After downloading the file linux.tar.gz, extract its contents, navigate to inside the extraction folder and run:
  1. ./Kadeck

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      The following list of startup parameters needs to be supplied through environment variables to the Kadeck Teams instance. Prefix "xeotek_kadeck_" required All values in the table need to be prefixed with 'xeotek_kadeck_', e.g. xeotek_kadeck_secret. ...
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      You can pass any parameter to Kadeck's Java backend by adding them to the KA_DECK_OPTS environment variable. Windows cmd /c "SET KA_DECK_OPTS='-Xmx6G'&KaDeck.exe MacOS launchctl setenv KA_DECK_OPTS "-Xms6G" && open Linux ...
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