External database

External database

If you want to know how to configure a database, please read this article as well.

Kadeck, at this point in time, supports two databases:
  1. H2
  2. Postgresql
If no database is specified with startup parameters, Kadeck will use an H2 in-memory database. Unless the database folder inside the container is not mounted via volumes, the database will be lost between container restarts, therefore it's advised to configure an external database.
The database needs a minimum of 1Gb to run comfortable but its storage needs depend on the amount of clusters, topics, schemas, users, etc... that Kadeck needs to manage.

Mount H2 in-memory database

To not lose the data between container restarts when using the H2 in-memory database, a volume for the following directory needs to be created:
  1. /root/.kadeck
When running Kadeck as a Docker container, add this to your command:
  1. -v "<absolute_path_to_host_kadeck_dir>":"/root/.kadeck"
Note: even though running Kadeck with an H2 in-memory database and a mounted volume is possible, we strongly advise using a PostgreSql instead.

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